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So yeah, I took it again. Manhatten.

Way back when I was preggo last time and I was making all those roomy Twinkle Sews designs, I had some hard words for Twinkle and her illogical pattern layouts and confusing instructions.  But here I am, back again. Of course everything I said is true, but you know I gotta hand it to her–she has some pretty cool designs. They’re just special, is what they are. I pretty much wore the tuna salad out of the first Take Manhatten, and Poetry in Motion was another big fave.  And I have plans to print another million pages and puzzle my way through her instructions some more because I like her designs that much.

For this tunic I used a lovely striped linen I got at JoAnn’s on clearance years ago, and added some slouchy pockets  because I’m into those lately.  
mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_04

The cowl is supposed to be lined, but I felt like it would be too stiff so I decided to ditch the second layer and just add some bias tape to the neck seam, and then turn the end of the cowl under to create the casing.mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_05

mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_03

I look like a burly pubescent teen in this picture.  Just saying. mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_02

I also added some bias tape on the back seam, and put a little elastic in the casing of the pocket to reign that slouchy sucker in. mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_06

mad mim_twinkle sews_take manhatten_01

Fun. I really love it.  Not sure my pear shaped figure is rocking the loose a-line silhouette, but I don’t really care.  Still gonna wear the tuna salad out of it.  Have you ever sewn any Twinkle designs? What side of the fence do you fall with her?



I have never heard of that book. Thank you for the reference.

I’m also loving the top. I love collars of any kind and shape – they shape and frame the face nicely.


so…i have gotten the book from the library a couple (thousand) times with the intention of making this very same piece! (oh, and those origami fold blouses! yum) i cannot seem to bring myself to make it because i am scared of it. sigh. yours looks great! think i will dredge all those pieces and photocopies out and dive in.


I have a twinkle book. I haven’t tried any of the patterns yet, like you said-it’s confusing. I will give it a try one day.
Your top turned out great!


Hi Miriam, nice work as always! I actually have that book in my amazon wishlist for a couple of months – tempting now that I see what is inside for me and I still have a 15 EUR giftcard from my birthday… very tempting, maybe I just hop on over to amazon to buy this book…
By the way sadly I haven’t finished the tee for myself yet (I have measured myself and thats about as far as I got – apart from the very clear design idea in my head). I was held up by a birthday sweatshirt for my partner (I am not married but feel to old for calling him boyfriend – also we live together and have a child and are a couple for over 10 years already) and two carnival costumes for lil’ P. and her friend – still have to finish those so I guess won’t be sewing anything for myself the next few days either … (very sad)

So have a great weekend.


Hey Mim,

This morning I was trying to draw Sariah and I can’t believe it but when drawing people you realize how closely siblings look alike. I had just a few things wrong with Sariah…and my picture looked just like you! I wish I had just kept it you instead of erasing it and doing Sariah. Its such a compliment…to you both!

Speaking of I can’t believe how much more you look like me with bangs! Especially when its in an updo. I just love being sisters. Sisters, sisters…

What a cas. and sporty/dressy hoody top. Pretty earings to match. Anyway. Have a good day!



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