Arm and Waist Band Tutorial

I always like me a good arm or waist band.  They’re are a great way to finish off the edges because it dresses up a shirt just enough to make it feel a little more classy.

Arm and waist bands are done exactly the same.  For this tutorial I’ll try to explain both simultaneously.

1. MEASURE AND CUT. Measure the circumference of  your arm (or waist for the waist band). Add 1/2 inch. That will be the full width of your band. (For a waistband, you can also divide the circumference of your waist in half, and then cut TWO pieces that length that you will sew together).  The height is simply double the height you want it end up.  For an arm band I usually make it around 2-3 inches (waist bands are usually thicker around  6-8 inches for a wide band).  Cut 2 from your fabric for an arm band, and 1 for a waistband (2 if you have two halves).

2. FOLD AND SEW.  Fold in half hamburger style (right-sides-together) with the short ends together.  Overlock. You’ll have a ring.

3. FOLD AGAIN.  Now fold the ring in half, lengthwise, in on itself, wrong sides together, matching the raw edges. The right sides are facing out.

4.PIN AND SEW.  On the RIGHT side of your sleeve/shirt, place that puppy on, matching the raw edges of your sleeve/shirt, and the raw edges of the band.  It should be flipped up towards the shirt at this point.

If you’re doing an arm band, pin the seam of the band to the underarm seam of the arm opening. For the waistband, pin the seam of the band to a side seam. Now, for both arm and waistbands, pull your band out and find the opposite middle point. This will be pinned to the opposite middle point (the opposite middle of your sleeve, or the opposite side seam).  Continue this process, finding the middle point between your two pins of both the band and the sleeve/shirt.  You’re centering the band over the opening, and you should keep it up until that bad boy is pinned really well. Overlock around entire opening.

5. Ta Da! Flip it down, and you should have a rockin’ armband or waistband.

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