African Wax Print Sheath Dress

mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_04

A couple months ago African Premier contacted me about trying out some of their fabric. I hadn’t ever heard of them before, but when I clicked over I was like WHOA, cool prints. I spent like thirty minutes right then and there, and was so refreshed by the unique, bold, and graphic patterns.  You don’t see prints like that just anywhere.

mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_01

I picked out this wax print:

african wax print

I am in love with how this dress turned out!! Don’t you think the simple sheath silhouette (Vogue 8766) makes this graphic print scream at the top of its lungs? Like for real. The fabric is somewhat stiff and good for more structured clothing, which is why I opted to not make a button-up, which is what I originally had planned. I also thought about doing a blazer (you’re thinking: she’s still talking about that, huh?) but in the end I wimped out because of all the matching required. Speaking of matching, can I direct your attention to the beautiful sunset? How about the sketchy photoshop job on the left sidewalk? (there was a big car) Anything to avert your expert scrutinizing eyes from that waistline! I spent so much time matching horizontal lines, but I straight up FAILED with the vertical ones. I just couldn’t get it to work! For one thing I cut out a size smaller on top, and because the darts in front are larger than the back’s, mathematically it just wasn’t happening. So give me a fat break and just sort squint around the middle section.  Also,  in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t line this sucker. I know I know! I hate sloppy sewing, but I just got lazy, and that’s the honest truth. It happens to the best of us, mostly late at night.  But despite it’s imperfections, I really really love it, and the print just feels exotic and bold.  Made me feel like a tiger, and that’s no lie.

mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_05


Check out the seamless matching here on the sides!

mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_02 mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_03

Some other favorites from African Premiere‘s site: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. And also be sure to check out their laces, they have some gorgeous stuff there too–I especially love their premium voile laces and their polishing cottons. I think a dress or skirt out of any of those would be stunning. Also, take note of the amazing prices! That’s $20 for a SIX yard piece, which comes out to be just over $3 a yard! Hello budget bride’s maid dresses!

other prints i like

SO, we found a house! In Springville! It’s a cute little house (not too little, but definitely not huge), and I think it’s going to be perfect for us for the next 5 years or so. I can’t wait to get into it, we’re set to close end of the month, and move in the beginning of December.  My head is positively SWIMMING with design ideas and furniture dreams, and now I’ve got to gear up for our second move in 6 months.  But it’s all so fun, and I am JAZZED (hands and all) to finally have our own place;  I have waited for years, all the while fantasizing about a time when I could paint and puncture walls whenever and wherever I please!



Love! And that is quite a bit of pattern matching. We find lots of wax prints at the thrift store and so feel very lucky! So amazing. Congrats on the house!


How funny, lots of Dutch wax prints are made in my town, I cycle past that company most days on my way to work! (Helmond, the Netherlands. The company’s name is Vlisco)


Springville is so nice. I love the area down here, Springville/Spanish Fork area. Hope you love it too!
Your dress turned out so pretty. I think I don’t sew for myself as much as I want because I am one of those weird shapes. It is so hard to make things work for a small top and a not so small bottom. Thanks for sharing!

French Toast Tasha

It sounds like by weird shape you mean pear shape, if so there are lots of us! Have you tried Sewaholic patterns? Tasia is a pear too and designs for that shape specifically. Just a suggestion!


I think when I said don’t look at my middle section I was referring to the ill-matched pattern, but YES! I do have a pear shaped figure, and I do love Sewaholic’s patterns, the Renfrew tee is one of my absolute faves!


Hey tiny! You look like a modest dream boat! That dress is so nicely modest and flattering and classy, its amazing! Those pictures are taken right at the perfect moment…all the goldens in the back ground enhance the girl in the pic perfectly. The accessories are all just right! This dress is a treasure and its SOOO Mim! Way to go! I can’t stop drewling over your hair cut and how well it suits you.


Thanks Mandie, I probably seem knit picky, I totally am. Sometimes I feel like my blog posts are like confessionals, lol:)

Heather Feather

It’s gorgeous! I could even tell the vertical lines were off at the waist. When I first saw the dress, I didn’t even think it had a waist seem because it looks so great!


I love these prints soooooooooo much! I’ve been wanting some African prints after I saw Q-tip on stage this summer in his Zulu nation tribal garb. And these are way M.I.A.!! You are amazing!

Linda Steaples

WOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!!! Love that fabric & haircut it rocks !!!!!
Thanks for sharing … going check out their fabric now !!!!!!!

yam b fan

Holy Moly, you look beautiful! I l-l-l-l-l-l-o-v-e that fabric! It is SO you! The fabric, the pattern, the dress, the sewing, everything is purrrrrrfect, you Tiger, you!


You seriously make the best pieces. Your dress is the perfect pairing of fabric and pattern. I’ve never worked with an African wax print, but now I want to try! I really love the prints you posted.


Very beautiful. I will definitely be visiting the website, I do sew using a lot of different african print. You can tell I’m from africa. :). I love what you did with the fabric. Awesome.


I absolutely ADORE this dress on you! The pattern and the fabric are perfect together. I will definitely be checking out this fabric and adding the pattern to my ever growing list!


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