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Miriam is print and textile artist who loves to sew, thrift, DIY and put off making dinner as long as possible. She spends her time wiping walls and listening to audio books, and also tries to keep her four kiddos fed/clothed/happy. Amidst all the crazy, she believes in always taking time to nurture and explore creativity. She and her husband and kidfolk live happily in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains in Springville Utah.

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sarah jayne

i have no idea how i found your blog… BUT i think you are amazing… i love your work and what you do. im hoping one day i can sew as easily as you seem to.

Cathy Kizerian

Congrats on winning the Sewing Summit scholarship! I look forward to meeting you there!! PS – you said in your SS comments that you had trouble converting visitors into followers. I am a Blogspot/google blogger. How does one follow your blog?!?


If you just click on the subscribe icon near the top right of my page (the very first icon in the row) it should let you subscribe in whatever reader you use. Hope that helps, and look forward to meeting you too!


You have a fortunate family! Such imagination and action. I had a nice visit, thank you. carolyn

Teresa Ayerra Ballesteros

I find your blog by accident, fortunately. I find your posts amazing. I want to follow you for ever. I hope you can send me notifications. I am very interested. Thanks a lot for taking the time to teach us so clearly and easily. I´m wiring you from Spain, hope you understand my English. You know to learn to sew is a constant learning job, as a learning of a foreign language is.

Catherine Ardern

i have just found this post whilst looking into making a T Shirt with my new overlocker. I found it really informative and very easy to follow. I will definitely be signing up to follow your posts.


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