A sweater to make my heart sing

madmim_knitted baby sweater

madmim_knitted baby sweaterMy wonderful mother in law Margaret knitted this sweet sweet little coral sweater and hat for Tiny. Oh, how I love it! Like every really great knitting project, it makes me want to relearn the aggravating art. (Sorry I don’t have the pattern/yarn details!) I think it will fit perfectly this winter, and I imagine she’ll look stunning. This apricot color is actually one of my favorite colors. I just naturally gravitate to it, and so consequently I have like for 4 or 5 apricot shirts in my closet. I don’t think Margaret knew that, so I was so happy that she chose that color. It’s such a femine color, and I think anything that’s not pink is very refreshing for a baby girl.

Speaking of our Tiny, things are going pretty well. She’s 8 weeks today, which sort of blows my mind.  I still feel like I’m in the crazy figuring-this-whole-thing-out phase, so it doesn’t seem like she could possibly be that old! She weighed in yesterday at 9 lbs 1 oz, so I was really excited that she fffffFINALLY beat her birth weight, the little fatty!  A small little victory! And she (or her brother) haven’t pulled out her tube yet, so that’s  another rather astounding victory. Things are hard for a million little reasons, but relatively speaking, we’re getting used to this and doing well.

I’m struggling a little about what to blog about! I worry that all the crafty things I would normally blog about will seem trite to you in light of my current situation. They often seem trite to me. I worry that when I blog about my hair or this trend, or that project that people will think “how is she thinking about these things right now?” Well, you can be assured that my hair, or sewing, or crafting, or design is not the only (or most predominate) thing I’m thinking about right now. But it’s a desperately needed distraction, and something that keeps me sane. Despite my crazy life, I’m blessed enough to still have an hour or two in the evenings to craft or sew, and it’s very therapuetic to me. As my Mama recently pointed out, I’ve always been a very kinasthetic learner/person, and I can’t ever just sit there and watch TV or something–I have to have something for my hands to do or I don’t truly feel distracted. So when I blog about this and that, and don’t  happen to mention Tiny or our life, you’ll understand that it’s not because those things aren’t on my mind, but because I’m taking a break from them. I’ll continue to give you any important updates, but mostly I’ll just keep doing my crafty thang thang around here.


Emily Balling

“Ohhhhh, Harper, hello there, you sweet little thing!” Auntie Em

That sweater could melt in my mouth it is so scrumptious. I am with you how I love that melon, burnt orangy fall affair. Margaret, bless your heart, Harper is going to look so dear in it!

I am so very glad to hear about the small triumph in Harper’s weight.

Mim, I know you are focused in what’s most important….a little distraction is perfectly healthy! 🙂 And you are blessed to have a few hours to do it that is truly a blessing from God who loves you so! 🙂 Tell Allan he is a rock star and give Josie and Merritt and Harper all a dance from aunt Em.


This is your blog, use it however helps and inspires you! I have liked hearing updates about Harper, but I would never expect every post to be centered around this. Lets see some of your crafty stuff!


ah, mim, never apologize for doing something that feeds your soul. my newborn saps my will to live most days, so i am desperate for an outlet. p.s. incredible sweater. can’t wait to see little harpsichord (have you called her that one yet?) in it.


Harper has such beautiful wise eyes. She knows so much more in her soul than most people will know in their whole lives. She is beautiful, and I am so proud of you both (as well as Daddy) that she has made her birthweight. Celebrate every victory!!!! As far as crafts go, we are here to see if your creative outlet, can fuel ours. I will forego sleep, just to have craft time. Knowing full well that I have 4 children to manage, educate, love and nurture. Crafting is my time, and no human being on earth should judge another for having distraction time. It makes us better moms to recharge our souls and remind us who we are outside of parenting. Craft on Chica, with lots of love from your readers, and fellow moms.


I happened on your blog from somewhere else….Pinterest I think, and got sucked in to your posts about your sweet baby girl. I have 2 children and have felt so overwhelmed lately by everything going on in my life and I want to thank you for reminding me what wonderful miracles our children are, and we shouldn’t ever take anything about them for granted. I pray that everything with her gets figured out soon and that you and your entire family are strengthened through out all of this.
P.S. Your Hair Hormone post is so, so, SO true!! My youngest is 8 months, and I have been struggling with wanting to chop all of my hair off every since she was born!!


That sweater is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!!!! And the perfect inspiration for this cartoon: http://www.lefthandedtoons.com/1066

YOU are amazing and so is your Babe. You will find the balance you need with your blogging, and WE will be the joyful beneficiaries of your therapy!


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