A Special Dress for Her

Things are going well, all things considered. We’ve been home from the hospital since Thursday, and Tiny has improved a lot in color and tone (she gained almost a pound in the hospital–mostly fluids).  Her feeding tube is hooked to an IV pole with a pump that she is being continuously fed through. This is a good and bad thing.  Good: she’s eating! She’s getting the calories she needs to grow! She’s sleeping through the night–like 12 hours at a time (I still have to get up to refill her milk every 3 hours). No more stressful feedings!  Bad: she’s been pretty miserable a lot of her awake time, and I can’t blame her; I would hate having a tube up my nose too. I have to hold her on the couch during all her awake time; normally I would put her in a baby wrap or lie her on a blanket but I can’t do either because she’s hooked to an IV pole and I can’t risk her pulling out her tube. I would be happy to just sit and hold her if it weren’t for my two other children and just other motherly duties that complicate that time.  And we’re pretty much stranded here. They told me to try and not go anywhere, and taking the whole IV pole/pump/system would be a huge ordeal anyway. So I’m feeling a little isolated, and am especially grateful for the company of my sisters who have taken turns staying with me.

So. I’m so grateful that she’s getting the nutrition she needs/grateful for modern medicine, but I’m also struggling to adjust to the situation. I just keep telling myself you can get used to anything. 

So you’re like, tell me about this dress already! Okay! Isn’t it exquisite?? My sister with her massively huge, kind heart and talented hands made this lovely little blessing dress for Tiny. It’s HAND smocked, and I love it with all my heart.  I don’t think I’ve ever loved a single article of clothing as much as I love this little dress–both for sentimental reasons and because it’s so beautiful. I am blown away by the smocking, and love the sweet little appliqued details on the bottom. I adore the accompanying bloomers, shoes and hair band. LOVE IT ALL, EM.


mad mim_blessing dress mad mim_blessing dress mad mim_blessing dress mad mim_blessing dress mad mim_blessing dress mad mim_blessing dress

We’ll bless her next month (a special prayer given by a worthy priesthood holder, in this case her daddy), and I’ll be sure and take a little photo shoot for the special occasion (with her tube it makes it difficult to play dress-up on a whim).

So that’s about the size of it.  Thanks to all of you for your sympathy, prayers and support, we appreciate and feel it all.



What a talented family you have…amazing outfit…she’s gunna look beautiful :o) I am so happy things are going better! Thanks for keeping politics and religion together for a little while at least :o) x jen


Gahhhh, the SMOCKING! *dies* That’s just insane – and beautiful. Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time. Your family is in my prayers, for sure.


I told Seth about Harper the other night and he was so sad. He is going through so much, but, as he said, at least he knows what is happening and why–and that the goal is to make him better.
I know exactly what you mean when you say you can get used to anything. It’s amazing what is good news to us these days.
I wish we could be isolated together! 🙂


Mim, this dress is beautiful and so perfect for sweet, little Harper. My heart goes out to you and your family as you guys go through so much right now. I am thinking about you guys and praying for you. It is encouraging and inspiring to read your thoughts and feelings and your positive attitude. You are amazing and I know things will work out. Keep us updated! Love you, Haley


that dress is nothing short of stunning. emily, you are amazing. i’m so excited to see sweet harper in it. i love you mim and am thinking about you. i’m so glad harper is getting that good nutrition finally. she is stalwart little soul.

Emily Balling

Thanks all, it doesn’t look shabby on-line, Mim has a way of advertising it just right! Thank you Mim. Harper is a stalwart little soul. 🙂 And oh Mim how stranded that does sound difficult. Sounds like she’s sleeping well. And oh how happy I am to hear she’s gaining weight and color and pretty soon charm as this ordeal gets better, but for now, tons of character she’s gaining so young through adversity.

Small correction, the dress was hand baste-smocked by Sister Solemn in GA, and the dress was given me. I thought I’d never get to it, but guess I never had the right occasion. I did the stitching, the smocking part was all set up for me. I learned how to do the stitching from this brilliant site, and I really shouldn’t put the link so it won’t be compared. But, here you go.


As Martha said, I CAN’T WAIT to see it on Harper!!!!! And I can’t wait for her special dress.



Oh Mim! This is really sweet. I’m really happy that she’s doing better! You should be so proud of yourself for being so strong!! Let me know what I can do! Love you!


ahhh, what an heirloom.
if only we understood the difference between a ‘long time’ here and true eternity….

Beth M. Stephenson

I’m not the least bit surprised that you have this huge challenge to overcome. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t turn down the heat when his most precious gold is in the refiner’s fire, he turns it up so that it will be pure and perfect and beautiful and tempered to be ready for use in his hands. Isn’t it exciting to wonder what work he has in store for you and your family?
No, I’m not surprised one bit. (But our prayers are going up to our loving Heavenly Father every single day asking Him to carry you through this hard time.) With love, Aunt Beth


My goodness – I LOVE that – all of it. Just like you said, the details are amazing… and hand smocking? Amazing! Harper is one little (but getting bigger) lucky lady.


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