A Sneaky Peeky: my girl’s pea coat

I never could understand those kids who peeked at their presents before Christmas, because around my house we had to go to great lengths to avoid seeing them pre-Christmas morn, and we all exercised enormous self-discipline stepping around and closing our eyes to the explosion of shopping bags spewing from my mom’s closet.  For some reason she never bothered to really hide our presents, and for some reason, we never looked. Maybe because we all loved surprises too much.  And I still do. But mostly I just live for surprising my kids now. My little gal has inherited my over-the-top reaction to surprises, which is immensely gratifying. So I wouldn’t risk showing you this if there was any chance she might see it, but for this year at least, my kidlets are young enough that I can get away with showing you a little sneaky peek of what I’m making them. I just finished Ju Ju Fruit’s little coat and had to show! The best part is the fabric flower, but I love the pill in the fabric (been hanging on to it for years), and the pink buttons. Juice is going to rock it.

Mad Mim sneak peek child's pea coat Mad Mim sneak peek child's pea coat Mad Mim sneak peek child's pea coat

Pattern: Simplicity 2876–I added two inches to the jacket length, and because my fabrics were thicker, I skipped the turned up blind stitch hem and  just sewed the whole thing right-sides together and then flipped it. I also added a top stitch around the whole thing, which I think is a must.

Outer Fabric: a polyester weave with a marked pill (am I using that term right?) from Walmart $1 fabrics several years ago.

Lining: Fleece from Twinkleann’s

Fabric flower: I don’t have a tutorial for this one, but I’m sure you can find it out there  somewhere. I basically just snipped the ends of the petals and then overlapped  and tacked them making them curl up, and then did a running stitch around the petals.


Amy Morby

This is easily the most insanely incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m dying I love it so much! i want one in my size.


Yes! Sorry I totally meant to include all that information. I’ll throw it in the post now. It’s Simplicity 2876, and I pretty much sewed it the way it is written with the exception of the hem. First of all, I added two inches on the length as my sister made the pattern first and found it too short. Since I used a a thicker outer fabric and then flannel for the lining, it was much to bulky and I ended up just skipping the turned blind hem and just sewed it right sides together and then flipped the whole thing. Does that make sense? I also added a top-stitch around the whole thing. It was a quick and easy project though, definitely not too difficult, and I would love to make the longer version in the future. One little note though, the pattern called for like 3 yards of fabric and lining if I remember right, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t use more than 1 1/2 of fabric, and 1 of lining, FYI.
Thanks for reading!

Mary Demerath

This is just perfect. Really nice fabrics, very playful and sweet! My girls would love this!


Wow! Very lovely pea coat, lucky Josie! If ever we don’t have little girls about 2-3 at the same time, I will mail you that treasure from Argentina you gave Milly! I went to Incircles and found your ornaments, SOOOO cute, I plan to make those for next year for sure!!! Thank you for your Rose Garden!



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