A smile and some earrings

Baby Girl Tribe smiled at me this morning!! Twice!

Considering all the possibilities we’ve been told, I was really anticipating that smile. And it was worth it! Her amazing little dimples just popped right out, and my heart exploded.  It was a huge pick-me-up because since Monday I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged because we found out she is STILL just below birth weight, and I had hoped so much that she would at least have broken 9 lbs (she’s already 7 weeks!) Good thing she started such a healthy weight! But she’s only been on the feeding tube for just over a week now, so hopefully we see some significant growth next week. That smile was like a  bonfire to my soul. I’ll try to capture it on camera soon. mad mim_original earring design_framed diagnal earrings

I made these earrings Tuesday night for my sister Eirene’s birthday. They’re original designs, and I really love the way they turned out. Wanna make some more for me.



Harper must have a million-dollar smile! She seems to be extraordinarily strong and optimistic, evident at such a young age. We’ll be praying that she surpasses her birth weight soon and that you continue to receive strength from the Lord and your adoring entourage. Pretty earrings and lovely, lovely blessing dress for Harper! Your family seems to know just the perfect gifts to make each other. And these gifts look so professional that you’d never guess they were handcrafted.


You deserve that smile so much. She appreciates what you’re doing for her — seriously — she loves you so much already for carrying her, birthing her, feeding her (despite everything) and making sure she gets a fighting chance.

Emily Balling


Oh, that smile is so heart refreshing. I love Rach’s comments there above, its so true, you are a Savior to little Harper right now. I’m glad you had a bit of fun on Eirene’s birthday.



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