A Refashion for the Reverence Child

 Mom, I need you to make me a sign she said as she brought me a marker and paper.  What for, Honey? It’s bedtime. And to her credit, she was ready; all but this very important final preparation.  I want you to write “This Sunday is going to be Twinkle’s bestest Sunday ever.” And if people want to write on my sign, tell them it’s Twinkle’s favorite paper and not to draw on it. And if you forget, just ask me and I’ll remind you. Got it, Mom? I’m not sure what kind of crowd she was expecting me to host after hours, but the instructions were clear–I was to guard and protect that beloved paper from any tempted pens or pencils in the neighborhood.  That paper was almost as beloved as the little slip of paper she’d received a week earlier asking her if she could be the reverence child for our church sacrament service. The duty is quite a solemn affair–the child stands in front of the congregation (on the stand even!) and folds their arms and sets a very pious example of reverence and quiet until church begins.  All week long the event had been discussed and anticipated, and now that it was Saturday night, she had laid out her outfit, picked her shoes and tights, and planned the way we’d do her hair. She was ready. And now that she had a sign posted clearly on the fridge which commemorated the magnitude of the event, she could sleep in peace.

At church the next day she bravely scaled the steps, and positioned herself near the large plant to the side (almost INside the plant, you know, Pollyanna style.) She folded her arms and held very still. Her bright eyes watered, and we thought she would cry.  When we asked her about it, she said I was crying since I was so happy.

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This was a simple refashion that really wasn’t that simple at all.  It was originally a maternity shirt that I really liked, but for some reason didn’t wear that often. Something about the length and cut of it made my ample baby-bearing hips even more ample and bearing, if you know what I mean.  I loved the delicate knit, and so when I realized that Twinkle needed another Sunday dress, I thought this would be a great refashion.  It should have been simpler than it was, but I I had to line it, and add a key hole opening in back, and for some reason it just took way longer than I expected. I like the way it turned out okay, although I still don’t think I tapped the full potential of the shirt. But she likes it, and looked lovely in it, so it was a successful venture all in all.

Is it hard for you to refashion clothing that you always liked, but never wore? I kinda thought it was, even though I don’t think I wore this once my last pregnancy. Funny how we sort of mentally label certain items as off limits, (and a permanent member of the closet), even though it may not make a lot of sense.  At least with this refashion I could keep that lovely knit in the family!


the mither

That is the bestest story of the week! Josie is a-d-d-d-d-d–o-r-a-b-l-e!!!! Love her special Sunday dress, and your clever remake.


i can’t believe that is your child! i mean, i can, because she looks like your clone and even her little gestures remind me of you. but it’s just so crazy she can say such mature things and be so wise and sweet and wonderful and reverent! kids, they blow your mind. i love the sweater dress, too, p.s.


I love this story and the way you write about your kids is soooo perfect and delightful. And the dress turned out adorable, esp since you can tell Jos is thrilled with it- such a doll!!! Makes me miss you guys big


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