A Peep Show for Valentine’s Day

I swear that’s what it’s really called, and get your mind out of the gutter. It’s called a peep show, Peeps, because you can peep through the door and see what’s going on in the Tribe home. Take a peek!

These pictures were taken from my Sweet Valentine’s phone in really crappy lighting, but I’m determined to not have another post holiday post. And since my Sweet Valentine and I are separated this year (like as in, he’s in Provo and I’m in Ogden kind of separated), and I’ve got nothing better to do tonight, I may as well spend my evening blogging.

So this project started out as a whim, but was WAY MORE work than I ever thought it would be. Super fun, but way time consuming. I was reading to my kids last week and I read The Twinklelly Postman Christmas; at the end of the book Santa Claus gives the JP what he calls a “peep show” that’s really similar to this. I was charmed by the idea, and thought how awesome it would be to do one of my family, and then send it to my sibs and fam as we share a tradish of making each other Valentine’s (at least we always did growing up, and we do as much as we can these days). Well, my characatures took way longer than I’d planned, and then scanning/copying them took way longer than I’d planned, and then exacto knifing the centers took way longer than I’d planned, and then assembling them took way way WAY longer than I’d planned. In other words, it all took way longer than I’d planned.  But I really really love it, and know I will always treasure this little family keepsake.
madmim peep show or accordion valentine

madmim peep show or accordion valentine

madmim peep show or accordion valentine

A brief explanation on our goings on:

-Allan is out of control. He has two ENORMOUS monitors on our desk (for the same computer) and is trying to figure out a way to fit a third. He dreams of collecting an entire wall of monitors.

-I’ve been into green smoothies, and have one almost everyday for breakfast. Allan thinks they are disgusting, and doesn’t trust my judgement two straws. I use those two straws to slurp up all the deliciousness that he bypasses. My kids are more or less on my side.

-Too avoid watching too much TV, and also to avoid the eternal plea/battle from my kids, we came up with Friday Movie Day, which is exactly what it sounds like: no TV on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but on Friday we have a marathon pretty much. All week long Twinkle dreams about Friday Movie Day, and even goes so far as “just browsing” Netflix to precalculate what she’ll watch on the beloved day.  EVERY day she comes into our bedroom, hits me until I wake up, and asks me if it’s Friday Movie Day.

-My kids are unbelievably, ridiculously, exhaustingly obsessed with Newsies. I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say that we listen to Newsies from Dawn til Dusk. I had to ban it for all of last week, because it was either that or go postal, if you know what I mean. They know every word, every dance, and every Newsie’s name. This scene is a typical one of Tito jumping off our chair while singing Seize the Day at the top of his lungs. In his briefs. Which are probably wet.

-And lastly, Tiny is my little kicker. I’ve never had a baby who kicks like she does–it’s like this full body work out, and completely adorable.

Happy Valentine’s Day! For one more hour! 



LOve, LOVE, love it!! You are so creative. I still have some of your drawings of “me” when we were at Ricks together, and I treasure them! YOu are the best!

Emily Balling

Hey Valentine,
Thanks for ours! Riley said “I take it Allan won’t drink the green smoothie?” and now I get the line from Newsies by Merritt, thats the one thing I didn’t get. 🙂 Thanks SO much for the sneak peak! Just in time to make our day sweet! (Otherwise I might have been lonely in our throw-up fest…R and H.)


Yam B Fan

What a wonderful memory of life you have there! Trust me, you are never going to regret investing that time (which was going to slip through your fingers anyway) in “seizing the day!” Gotta love it. p.s. I felt that way about a certain movie involving a dragon, a boy named Pete and “I am Woman” Helen Reddy mysteriously in a long skirt and pining away for a lost man in her life (not that I’m against women in skirts or giving your heart to a man, btw, but it didn’t seem to fit her public persona). Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUBnxqEVKlk Anyway, thanks for a Peep into your life! ; }


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