Hand Printing Canvas Totes

I found myself in great need of totes this summer. I needed one to take with me to church. I really needed one that could safely and properly contain the 2029 books we check out from the library every couple weeks. I needed one that would fit all our ridiculous swim junk .  So a few months ago I got some duck cloth at TwinkleAnn for pennies and whipped these bad boys up. Then I pulled out my fabric paints and did some mighty fine printing.

This tote I used a wood mounted lino block that I carved into this zinnia flower design.

Mad Mim printed canvas tote

mad mim wood mounted lino block carved like a zinnia for printing

This chevron striped beauty is my new library bag. I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but I basically just used my quilt ruler to mark the zig-zags, and then masking tape to mark it off and paint.

mad mim hand printed chevron striped canvas tote

And this last one my little gal helped me make.  I REALIZE that for a pool bag it looks an awful like there’s snowflakes on it, but it was an easy potato-stamp design, and  I’m a big fan of giving your children lots of opportunities to help make things we actually use. They feel so important!

Remember: not snowflakes. Cool/easy potato-stamp design.

mad mim potato stamped canvas tote

Mad mim potato stamp

I’m happy to say that our need for sturdy canvas totes has been filled. We can now travel to our destinations transferring the necessary junk with ease.



You’re a genius!! Seriously, that is such a cute idea! I think I am going to try it to add some oomph to my plain t-shirts. What kind of wood did you use and how did you carve it?? (knife, tools, etc?)


I got all my printing supplies at Provo Art & Frame. They have several different kind of printing blocks, and then a little carving kit as well. I actually carved that stamp a year ago or so, and used it to print some t shirts I got. I’ve used it several times since then, and found that it print really well on canvas.

the mither

I think the Swim Bag totally looks like cute little flowers and can just imagine how much fun it was for TG to help make that bag!


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