Month: September 2013

Darling Ranges Dress // 80’s Bedsheet Edition

mad mim_Bed Sheet Darling Ranges_05

I spied this classic 80’s bed sheet at DI nearly a year ago, and was in love. It’s so undeniably late 80’s/early 90’s  (I mean it totally looks like that couch I grew up with), and yet? And yet I totally love it.  I mean, my last name ain’t Tribe for nothing. I decided to… Read more »

School Girl Floral Blazer, a Striped Skirt and Her First Day

mad mim_Floral Blazer and Striped Skirt_02

New Fave, in the hood. I’ve been planning a floral blazer for Twinkle for like light years (almost as long as I’ve been planning a blazer for myself which still hasn’t materialized), and it took a whole week to tackle. It wasn’t easy folks, I really had to muscle through some sizing issues, and I… Read more »

Stenciling: Fresh Angles Pillows DIY + free design template

mad mim_stenciling_angular flower pillow_1305

Now, you all know pretty well by now that my love and loyalties lie with the rubber block and carving tool–I really really love me some stamp carving. BUT! Who can resist the clean, crisp lines of stenciling?? So clear! So sharp! Stenciling is like block printing’s perfect older sister who gets all A’s, and… Read more »