Month: August 2013

Tailor’s Ham and Sausage

I have been wishing upon a star for the last five years that I could get my mitts on a tailor’s ham and sausage. I learned how to sew on a couple of these babies (way back in 4-H by my fantastic teacher Cami), and ever since I’ve fantasized about them–especially in those desperate moments… Read more »

Wedding Best Matchy Matchy

About a week before my bro-in-law’s wedding I asked the bride-to- be what I should put the kids in for the big day (I was a bride’s maid), and she said anything in the wedding colors would be fine. Well, don’t you know, I didn’t have single article of clothing for them in mint, coral… Read more »

Printed Peplum Swimsuit

So I’m pretty sure I was certain from about 1990 to 2011 that swimsuit peplums were reserved for toddlers or Grandma’s.  It wasn’t til pretty recently that I spied this beauty and started to think that maybe I was mistaken.  This suit definitely still has an old-timey feel but I think the mini peplum adds… Read more »