Month: May 2013

Smashed Glass Maxi // Ombre Block Printing DIY

Doesn’t this ombre print remind you of broken glass mosaic tiling? I was going to entitle it thus, but it seemed a little excessive. I could have also appropriately named it never-give-up-even-when-you-are-super-frustrated-and-want-to-throw-it-out-the-window- maxi.  Some ideas (it feels like most of mine), seem so brilliant in my head, but once I try them out, I’m usually… Read more »

Ikat Foldover Makeup Pouch

So, news. We’re moving! For a kazillion and one reasons we feel it’s time for our little family to get a move on to a home that meets our family’s needs better than where we’re at right now. It’s not just needing more space although heaven knows that’s a huge part of it, there were… Read more »

Vintage May // Mustard Mu Mu Refashion

Vintage is the coolest, right? You love it, you’re Mom loves it, and so does Grandma. It seems like now more than ever fashion is dipping into each decade of the last 10 for the current fashion trends. Fashion roots go pretty deep, and it seems like we cycle through them all–even the bad ones… Read more »

Too Tight to Just Right // Man to Boy Shirt Refashion

Hubby Tribe likes to tell people he gained 30 pounds sympathy weight with me in my first pregnancy and never lost it. He’s got a point. I like him way better with some meat on those bones, but he has had to part with many a (too tight) quirky tee along the way. Occasionally I… Read more »

Polymer Clay and Confetti Foil Stud Earrings

I sure didn’t wake up yesterday and say I’m gonna make some earrings today!, but sure enough, 6 hours later, that’s just what I was doing. The inclination seized me when I found my kids playing in our shed with some mysterious colored foil that my girly said had just been in there (?!).  She had recently… Read more »