Month: March 2013

30 Days to Less Crap

Before aka Hot Mess

I have too much crap. Clothes, toys, dishes, old medicine, fabric, craft supplies, junk and stuff etc ETCETERA. I have too much of it all. Our house is tiny, and if I don’t keep our stuff down to a minimum, it just starts to pile up and creep out and take over the whole house… Read more »

Ruched Sleeve DIY // Duckies in a Pond Tee

mad mim_handprinted_anthropologie knockoff_14

Every so often it can be fun to indulge in a straight-up knock-off, and today I’m sharing the simple ruched sleeve technique I used for a Anthropologie tee knock-off  here, and all the other details (including my inspiration garment) over at the Train to Crazy where Andrea (is doing a fun Make This Look miniseries. For this… Read more »

Tiny’s Diagnosis

mad mim_Tiny's Diagnosis_Cornelia de Lange_07

So way back in December I mentioned rather cryptically that I was dealing with some personal issues that were difficult for me to process. Many of you know I have a little 21 month old daughter who has had lots and lots of health problems, and up until December, was undiagnosed. I blogged about our… Read more »

K.I.D.S. Challenge // Rainbows and Unicorn Frock

mad mim_K.I.D.S_Rainbows and Unicorns Frock_04

The first time I met Jessica from Me Sew Crazy was at last year’s Sewing Summit, and seriously folks, she is such a warm and kind person. She makes you feel so good you want to just follow her around all day to soak up all her niceness.   When she asked me about participating in her Kid… Read more »

Sew Kate Sew’s Envelope Clutch

mad mim_shibori bleach_envelope clutch_1

Clutch is a really funny word. Clutch. Like, she felt the canyon wall crumble beneath her white-knuckled grip, so she desperately clutched her shaky hand-hold.   Man oh man do we really cling to our essential clutch-contents just as vehemently as we would our life!  Like, I am NOT going to that movie without my chapstick, Ya’ll.  I… Read more »