Year: 2013

Gold Leaf Christmas Cards and Sewing Lessons

mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_09

So, yeah. All those things I wanted to get done last time I posted? Man, I was chillin’ in Fantasyland, none of them happened. I’ve been so busy trying to unpack and settle in that as of right now, I’ve made exactly one handmade gift, and I made it at my in-laws house. Point is,… Read more »

SolarFast Statement Earrings

mad mim_solar fast earrings_18

I don’t know what it is about having short hair, but it really begs for statement earrings sometimes. Is that just me? I don’t know, I guess I feel a little extra sassy or something, and I want something that says Hey! I’m a fun person! I know that not everyone is a statement-earring kind of gal,… Read more »

Pattern Anthology Tour // Trapper Hat Remix

mad mim_pattern anthology_trapper hat04

Interesting tidbit: if you google “trapper hat,” “aviator hat,” “tracer hat,” or “lumberjack hat” you’ll get images of basically the same hat.  Who knew, right? I was trying to figure out the difference, and learned that according to 21st century fashion there isn’t much.  Whatever you wanna  call it though, it’s handsome and very good… Read more »

Hand printing // Wood Grain Tessellation Pillow

mad mim_handprinting_woodgrain pillow03

I made this pillow the other night for a friend, and I kinda love it. Wood Grain, PS, is SUPER fun (and speedy!) to carve. I used an eco carve printing to plate, which is a dream to carve, and has a nice larger size which I wanted for this long and skinny (1/2″ by… Read more »

My Mood Fabric Make // a pencil skirt and yoked blouse

Mood Blouse Mug

Otherwise entitled The Sistehood of the Floral Knit. In went like this–back in August or whenever it was that we Fabric Weekenders were spazzing out in the various corners of the fabric district, a group us were effectively getting our minds blown at the wonders of Mood.  I was perusing (that word decidedly lacks the… Read more »

African Wax Print Sheath Dress

mad mim_graphic African print sheath dress_01

A couple months ago African Premier contacted me about trying out some of their fabric. I hadn’t ever heard of them before, but when I clicked over I was like WHOA, cool prints. I spent like thirty minutes right then and there, and was so refreshed by the unique, bold, and graphic patterns.  You don’t… Read more »

Gold Polka Banyan Tee and Bow Band Leggings

mad mim_gold polka banyan tee_04

I have at least half a dozen back-to-school outfits for Twinkle that I’ve photographed but haven’t posted. What can you do. Too little time, and too many other things to do.  We’re trying to buy a house as you may remember, and we found one and put an offer in (their asking price), and they countered… Read more »

The Skipper Top

mad mim_skipper top_03

Sad to say, but the third child really does get the fuzzy end of the lollypop sometimes. Although my little Tiny has commandeered much of time over the last two years, she has benefited very little from my sewing talents. She got priority numero one in a lot of things, but clothing wasn’t one of… Read more »

Time to Sew, Yo // The Wrist Pin Cushion

mad mim_wrist pin cushion diy_06

One of the gems from my LA trip, was a dinky little wrist pin cushion I got at Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies.  I just grabbed it last second before we were leaving, and it came to pass that it has been one of the handiest little thing! I love it! No more searching for… Read more »

Masking Tape and Color Magnet Bear Tee

mad mim_color magnet bear tee_01

Nothing like a 15 minute project to get your heart pumping. This little bear tee is so simple that you can have it done while you wait for your oatmeal to cook. Okay okay, on the stovetop. But seriously, this is an easy technique using a cool cool product that I’m super excited to show… Read more »

Darling Ranges Dress // 80’s Bedsheet Edition

mad mim_Bed Sheet Darling Ranges_05

I spied this classic 80’s bed sheet at DI nearly a year ago, and was in love. It’s so undeniably late 80’s/early 90’s  (I mean it totally looks like that couch I grew up with), and yet? And yet I totally love it.  I mean, my last name ain’t Tribe for nothing. I decided to… Read more »

School Girl Floral Blazer, a Striped Skirt and Her First Day

mad mim_Floral Blazer and Striped Skirt_02

New Fave, in the hood. I’ve been planning a floral blazer for Twinkle for like light years (almost as long as I’ve been planning a blazer for myself which still hasn’t materialized), and it took a whole week to tackle. It wasn’t easy folks, I really had to muscle through some sizing issues, and I… Read more »