Month: September 2012

Pipe Jeans // sewing for the boy

It’s been a real pleasure sewing for my little son lately. When it comes to sewing, more than anything almost, I value variety and challenge. He was such a nice respite from all that girlie sewing I did for the Girl. That being said, I used the same wonderful pant pattern (Ottobre’s 1/2012 issue, #18)… Read more »

The Trouser Refashion Swap

Buckle up, You. It’s round two of the Refashion Swap! The gist: myself and nine other talented sewists draw someone to sew for within the group, all starting with trousers as our muse (remember last time it was button up shirts?). We refashion the pants and make a DIY for all of you, send the… Read more »

Altering Jeans // adding width to a waistband

A few weeks ago I was thrifting with my sibs and found these brand Banana Republic jeans (with tags!) for $10.  They fit super great in the hips/thighs/legs, but surprisingly, I had to squeeze those bad boys quite a bit to button the fly. Weird. Usually it’s the other way around, right? But yeah, the… Read more »

Floral Scrub Refashion // from trash to treasure

The other day I ran into to DI to find something for another refashion swap (!), and I came out instead with a floral scrub top, and an orange coat for me. Whoopsy! I wish I taken a better before (yikes my mirror is filthy!), but it was your typical a-typical scrub top. A lively… Read more »

Handmade Family Wardrobe // Fall Sewing Schemes

I’m sort of halfway, not-really-intentionally working on having a handmade family wardrobe. The idea is that I’ll only make and keep items that my kids and I love, are high quality, special, and worth keeping.  Not necessarily going for quantity but lovely quality.  Hopefully that will simplify their wardrobe, and  omit part of the daily… Read more »

Her first day, and her Floral Backpack

I was a little anxious as we all shuffled through the bottle neck of the doorway–dozens of teary-eyed moms guiding their carefully groomed little children to their seats. Twinkle had nothing but excitement and anticipation all morning long, but I saw a wave of timidity and nerves wash over her face as she absorbed the… Read more »

Floral Skinnies // sewing for the girl

So school starts tomorrow for the girly, and I’m just about finished sewing for her. I stayed up late last night finishing her backpack (so cute!!), and tomorrow I’ll whip up a special little pencil case. I still have a few other things that she needs like a jacket, and some dresses for Sunday, but… Read more »