Month: August 2012

Batch Sewing//baby leggings

Every so often someone asks me why I don’t sell what I sew, and my answer is usually something like “uh…I’m lazy.”  But more than all that work, the very thought of making something over and over makes me feel sad and grumpy (although I am accepting more commission projects now because we’re on such… Read more »

Eggy’s Wedding and a last minute Lace Pencil Skirt

For as long as I can remember, my little brother Adam has been affectionately called “Egg” in our family. The etymology is something as follows: it went from Adam to Adam Shmagum to Eggum Shmegum to simply Egg. Well, just over a week ago Eggy Pop was married to a beautiful girl named Kristie, who… Read more »

Wild Hearts Swim Tank

You know the old stand-by nightmare where you’re in public and then suddenly realize you’ve forgot to get dressed and are most unfortunately stark nekked? Posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit, for me, is a lot like that. I wasn’t going to, but my friend Becca and sister Em said that you couldn’t really… Read more »

Creativity the Mothership

A few weeks ago I spent all afternoon talking blog, balance, family, and other mysteries of life with some of my two favorite bloggers, Caitlin and Miranda. It was a blast–I love talking bloggy with people who know where I’m coming from. The thing that stood out to me about all of our very stimulating… Read more »

DIY Dress Form

Meet Rosabelt, Twinkle’s DIY dress form. Since I’ve been doing all this late night sewing for Kindeegartner Tribe, I finally decided it was time to quit crawling up to her top bunk to gingerly reach around her sleeping body to get another waist measurement.  Now that I’ve just written that sentence I can see that… Read more »

The Tilly Chambray Jumper // for the girl

Straight up? I’m no good with fabrics. Identifying them, I mean. I have a general idea of what’s what and why, but it’s not my strong suit. That’s why I’m not positive when I say this is chambray. Maybe? I didn’t look when I bought it. It looks denim, but it’s too lightweight and soft…. Read more »

Strapping Stick Horse DIY

This strapping stallion stick horse tutorial has been a looooong time coming! Holy cow, it has taken me forever to get this sucker put together–mostly I was dreading editing all these photos! I actually made this horse for the first time as a present for my boy last Christmas. He’s amazingly sturdy, and has been… Read more »

Sewing for the Girl: Frenchie Heart in Stripes Tee

Since I do most of my sewing for Twinkle after she’s konked out for the day, we decided that for her school clothes it would be best if I made her a little duct tape dress form so I can ensure a good fit without waking her slumbering soul for measuring. (More on the dress… Read more »

Easy Eyelet Lace Onesies (+eyes and ear news)

I did these sweet little numbers over a year ago as a gift to my cousin’s wife and her darling little baby girl who was born just a few weeks before Tiny.  She has  since turned into a vivacious little beauty, that one. Onesies are  the blank canvas of the baby world, and this was… Read more »

Tiny Art: Watercolor Silhouettes

I know it may be a little late to hop on the silhouette train, but too bad. I decided that silhouettes are just pretty, and a wonderful way to memorialize a moment in your kid’s fleeting childhood.  I think they’re pretty classic, what about you? I found these tiny glass-pane frames at DI a year… Read more »