Month: July 2012

What I learned from 6 weeks as a vegan (and other revelations)

That’s right, I’ve been walking a mile in the vegan shoe (probably a Tiva) for the last six weeks. Why(??!), you (and everyone I talk to) want to know? Well, I’ll tell you, but buckle up for a long non-crafty post if you’re interested: Last year my sister Eirene read this book Eat to Live… Read more »

Adding Sleeves to a Dress

adding slaves_1

We’ve all found that dress that’s just a dream; the color, the fit, the style, but bummer–it’s topless or sleeveless. This problem is as old as the hills, and I’ve seen a boatload of creative solutions for it. Here’s a pretty simple and straightforward one. Renee (the beautiful bridesmaid) came to me wanting  a top/sleeve… Read more »

Sewing (sentimentally) for the Girl: the Kindergarten Fave

mad mim sewing_the kindergarten fave_5

This will be the first of (hopefully!) many posts about my girl Twinkle’s Fall wardrobe. The girly gone done and grew up too fast, and I’m sentimentally designing a few (too many) things for her special educational start.  My boy is also in dire straights for Sunday attire and more Summer wear, and Baby Girl… Read more »

Yay!!! (and another swimsuit)

Coral rash gaurd suit_3

Yay because I won the Sewing Summit scholarship!!!  I still can hardly believe it–I feel like I could spontaneously do a little jig at any given moment, and maybe I have.  I feel so lucky, and am so excited!! Can’t wait to learn more about sewing AND blogging! Yippee!!! Thank you anyone and everyone who… Read more »

My sewing space

my sewing haven_3

Long ago Allan and I decided that wherever we go, we’ll have to have my sewing set-up cozied up with his computer stuff. If we plan on seeing each other, that is. This may mean I won’t ever have a “studio” of my own, but you know, a cozy space is all I need. The… Read more »

Llama Llama Bang Bang Tee

mad mim_llama tee_3

Sometimes sewing is just a big hot mess from start to finish. Some of you follow on Instagram, and know that the other night I attempted another maxi, and it was just bad bad bad. Didn’t even try to salvage that mess. So like the next night I just cut it right up and made… Read more »

Refashioning Colored Jeans

On Saturday I had about twenty minutes to run to DI.  Twenty minutes and DI are even awkward hanging out in the same sentence, but like or not, I lacked the time I usually indulge in at that thrifting wonderland.   I was on a mission for a VCR, quality throw-pillow inserts, and some colored… Read more »

Stamp Carving: Designed by Her

J's FlowerStamp_3

My creative 5 year-old girly spends a significant chunk of every day drawing or something. I would say, on average, she passes at least an hour if not two amidst a sea of crayons and bits of paper (that I never seem to finish picking up). She LOVES to draw, paint, color, clip, glue, tape,… Read more »

The Bingo Blouse

Grandma's Attic Blouse_1

Did you have a nice 4th? Hope so. We spent it with lots of family and delicous food, as usual. While we were watching firworks though, I got super nervous and anxious–it could have been the smoldering glow of the Alpine fire that was burning on the mountain right behind us–it seems like all of… Read more »