Month: July 2012

What I learned from 6 weeks as a vegan (and other revelations)

That’s right, I’ve been walking a mile in the vegan shoe (probably a Tiva) for the last six weeks. Why(??!), you (and everyone I talk to) want to know? Well, I’ll tell you, but buckle up for a long non-crafty post if you’re interested: Last year my sister Eirene read this book Eat to Live… Read more »

Adding Sleeves to a Dress

We’ve all found that dress that’s just a dream; the color, the fit, the style, but bummer–it’s topless or sleeveless. This problem is as old as the hills, and I’ve seen a boatload of creative solutions for it. Here’s a pretty simple and straightforward one. Renee (the beautiful bridesmaid) came to me wanting  a top/sleeve… Read more »

Sewing (sentimentally) for the Girl: the Kindergarten Fave

This will be the first of (hopefully!) many posts about my girl Twinkle’s Fall wardrobe. The girly gone done and grew up too fast, and I’m sentimentally designing a few (too many) things for her special educational start.  My boy is also in dire straights for Sunday attire and more Summer wear, and Baby Girl… Read more »

Yay!!! (and another swimsuit)

Yay because I won the Sewing Summit scholarship!!!  I still can hardly believe it–I feel like I could spontaneously do a little jig at any given moment, and maybe I have.  I feel so lucky, and am so excited!! Can’t wait to learn more about sewing AND blogging! Yippee!!! Thank you anyone and everyone who… Read more »

My sewing space

Long ago Allan and I decided that wherever we go, we’ll have to have my sewing set-up cozied up with his computer stuff. If we plan on seeing each other, that is. This may mean I won’t ever have a “studio” of my own, but you know, a cozy space is all I need. The… Read more »

Llama Llama Bang Bang Tee

Sometimes sewing is just a big hot mess from start to finish. Some of you follow on Instagram, and know that the other night I attempted another maxi, and it was just bad bad bad. Didn’t even try to salvage that mess. So like the next night I just cut it right up and made… Read more »

Refashioning Colored Jeans

On Saturday I had about twenty minutes to run to DI.  Twenty minutes and DI are even awkward hanging out in the same sentence, but like or not, I lacked the time I usually indulge in at that thrifting wonderland.   I was on a mission for a VCR, quality throw-pillow inserts, and some colored… Read more »

Stamp Carving: Designed by Her

My creative 5 year-old girly spends a significant chunk of every day drawing or something. I would say, on average, she passes at least an hour if not two amidst a sea of crayons and bits of paper (that I never seem to finish picking up). She LOVES to draw, paint, color, clip, glue, tape,… Read more »

The Bingo Blouse

Did you have a nice 4th? Hope so. We spent it with lots of family and delicous food, as usual. While we were watching firworks though, I got super nervous and anxious–it could have been the smoldering glow of the Alpine fire that was burning on the mountain right behind us–it seems like all of… Read more »