Month: May 2012

Fabric Earrings from Spain!

On Tuesday, my little bro Peter came home from a 6 week jaunt in Europe with a backpack full of treasures and a remarkable beard. I was thrilled about both! He picked up these fabric earrings for me which I adore for the following reasons: -They are reversible of sorts! They have beautiful patterns on… Read more »

Tiny Art: Handwritten Letters

I’m a huge fan of tiny art. In my ‘umble opinion, it is the backbone of a really stellar gallery wall or shelf. And the beauty of it is how simple it can be; no need to spend any money! It is that sentimental something that you save in your top drawer: a note, a ticket, a… Read more »

The Peplum Blouse on Megan

Golly gee, I am SOO delighted with how BEAUTIFUL Megan looks in my top! Her coloring is just breathtaking, and that soft mint green color looks is stunning on her! Her styling is lovely (that necklace is dazzling!), and I am so flattered over her sweet sweet post–it made my day. See more outfit details… Read more »

Button Up Refashion Swap: Sailboat Blouse (on me!)

The Button Up Refashion Swap part Dos. I was super excited to be paired up with the dazzling Liz from Cotton & Curls, because she’s got a great look, is a prolific and talented seamstress, and rocks bright lipstick (I’m so inspired!) I was pretty sure that I’d love whatever she came up with. She… Read more »

Wedding Hoopla

Allan’s little sister Melissa got married last Friday, and boy oh boy, was she a beautiful bride. Breathtaking. The wedding was beautiful, as was everything else about her day. I thought it went splendidly, and was so happy for her.  Her boy Jeff is a gem, and we’re so glad to have some other marrieds… Read more »

The Button Up Refashion Swap

I’m so jazzed (hands and all) to tell you about this rad project I’m a part of! The Refashion Swap is a very cool collaboration of sewing, refashioning, men’s dress shirts, and talented sewing bloggers. There is some serious talent in this group, and I was thrilled to be asked to join in the fun…. Read more »

The Easter Poppy Shoot

otherwise entitled: A Good Camera Does Not a Good Photographer Make. Have I mentioned that I got a new camera? The SLR of my dreams? Well I did. I saved for a long time for this treasure, and as soon as Allan got a job, I finally made the plunge. I’ve had a lot of… Read more »

thoughts during a thunderstorm

Two of my cousins had a baby today. One of them, my cousin Rob and his wife Marseille, called me tonight to let me know that their sweet daughter was born with a cleft pallet. As you can imagine, I have a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my head. I couldn’t believe it…. Read more »