Month: April 2012

Inkodye Wallet + giveaway!

Ahhhhhh. The was me getting the internet again. We’ve been without since we moved last weekend, and I pined for it like Buttercup for her Wesley. Thanks everybody for such great moving tips, they really did help! I ended up deciding Friday night at about 6:30 pm that I wanted to move the next day,… Read more »


So for all of you who just scan through the pics of my posts (don’t we all?) and missed it, we’re moving!  My boy Allan got a sweet job in SLC, and we found a great little place and are trying to get outta here in the next week. I hate moving. Well, that is–I’ve… Read more »

Black and White Chevron Maxi Dress

It don’t matter if yo’ black or white…stripes don’t match up. Mine don’t.  I guess my cut must have been off grain, because I just couldn’t get those side seams to align without warping the fall of the dress. At least I nailed the chevron down the front.  Knocked off from this Anthro dress, it… Read more »

His Easter Best: Vest and Skinny Shorts

Yeah, so Tito’s really pulling in a haul this Easter. This is originally what I wanted to make him, but then when I saw that big pile of handsome suit all sad and forgotten in a thousand little pieces getting crumbled and lost in my current-project basket, I took pity on that sad mess and… Read more »

Easter Best: Her Cardigan and Tee

Are you sick of me sewing for Easter? I am. I’ve got one more thing left, but I just don’t know if I can make it to the finish line. We’ll see how tired I get tonight…I usually don’t sew during the day, but I’ve totally been cheating a little this past week, and well,… Read more »

His Easter Best: The Handsome Little Suit

Remember when I was scheming a handsome little suit? I got far enough to cut it out, complete the first step, become intimidated and bored, and then let it sit on my shelf for six months. I figured I’d better make a go of it again before he grows out of it, which turns out,… Read more »

Easter Best: Sewing for the Girl–Sunshine Sundress

I made this. From a sheet that a friend gave me. I used McCall’s 6077 vintage pattern. I added the detail on the bodice because the placement of the buttonholes that the pattern indicated and I stupidly followed were, let’s just say, VERY unfortunately positioned, and I HAD to do something to cover them up. My goal… Read more »