Month: March 2012

Ottobre Design

I finally got my first three issues of Ottobre design magazine! I’ve been dreaming about a year’s subscription for ages now, and I recently took a a three-part survey that paid enough for me to justify buying one.  Do you guys know about this magical magazine? Every issue is a goldmine of like 40 or… Read more »

Color My Mind

A couple weekends ago was my anniversary, and since Allan got to choose the restaurant, I got to choose the activity. I thought it would be fun to go to Color Me Mine (or Color My Mind as my niece Milly used to call it), and do some custom ceramics. We’ve gone in the past… Read more »

Easter Best: Baby Girl Tribe

I never mean to, but in the past I’ve gone all out for Easter. I can’t resist the urge, and besides–I have decided that Easter outfits are worth it because they become Sunday staples for the rest of the year. This sweet little dress (almost a shirt really), was inspired by the little blouse I… Read more »

Late Night Lace Skirt

Man, do I have cruddy sleeping habits. Lately, I haven’t been able to manage getting in bed before 2 am. No joke. It’s just that I don’t really have time during the day to have me-time, and I really am a bad mom if I don’t have my therapy/detox/creative time.  So after we put our… Read more »

Eggy Pop Party

I’ve never been much for Holiday decorating. It takes me years to decorate my own house–I just can’t handle a seasonal switch-up. Besides Christmas, I confess that I’ve never mustered a single holiday centerpiece or vignette. Pretty lame, I know. My poor children and their holiday-decorless  home! Well, I’m happy to report I’m making a… Read more »

sewing is funner than therapy.

mad mim craft corner

I just tried to count the projects that I’m working on–as in partially have cut out or started or are sitting on my craft table;  I lost count at ten. What’s wrong with me? Hi my name is Miriam, and I’m a craft addict. Crafting is the sweetest form of distraction.  I feel like I… Read more »

The Hydration Abacus + a gift

As part of the mammoth (it feels mammoth to me) effort I’ve made to keep up my milk supply, drinking lots of water has been one of the key (and easier) things I’ve done that has helped. I try to drink about 8 to 10 full glasses of water a day, and since here in… Read more »

The Bomb Toasted Oatmeal Breakfast

I have three breakfasts that I rotate through. Every morning I treat myself to one of the following : a green smoothie, steel cut oats and berries, or toasted oatmeal, with flax seed and berries. They’re all delicious, and I thought I’d share the latter, because the sun was shining so nicely in my kid’s… Read more »