Month: January 2012

DIY Android Phone Case

If you were the happy owner of an Android HTC Evo 4G, and were looking diligently for a cute phone case, you would very likely be frustrated. Because there aren’t any cute ones–at least not that I could find.  The iphone seems to have a tight grip on the market for cool cases, apparently we… Read more »

Tiny’s Lullaby

I have a special little lullaby for each of my kids, and Tiny’s has been especially important because there’s been so many times–especially in the hospital post surgery–when I have had no way of comforting her, so instead I would get close to her face and just sing her song. I feel SUPER shy about… Read more »

A Refashion for the Reverence Child

 Mom, I need you to make me a sign she said as she brought me a marker and paper.  What for, Honey? It’s bedtime. And to her credit, she was ready; all but this very important final preparation.  I want you to write “This Sunday is going to be Twinkle’s bestest Sunday ever.” And if people want… Read more »

The Stick Horse

I guess this is Bullseye. I prefer animals with less predictable names, but my kids–who get the last word–think it’s a fine name for a fine horse. This was my big homemade present for my two year old son, but it’s been equally loved so far by his name-choosing sister. I had to make up… Read more »

The Mod Wallet

I drew my sister-in-law Mere for Christmas this year, who wanted a wallet–something modern, something neutral, something functional.  I based my color scheme off these shoes, which I knew she really liked.  I made up the wallet pattern, because I couldn’t find a tutorial for a bi-fold with vertical card holders.  The leather detail really makes… Read more »

Goal Nut.

I like New Year’s, cause I’m a goal enthusiast. Can’t you tell by this picture? I look like I’m ready to snuggle with my goals. Come here, You! Here are my 2012 goals before we get too deeply entrenched in January and her icy tendrils… Family/home: -Potty train my two year old (working on that… Read more »


mad mim family_unteathered_1

Last Friday I did something that I’ve dreamed about doing for the last 5 months. I pulled out Tiny’s nasal tube. Just like that. I untaped, took a deep breath, and pulled. She cried, and then I kissed her sweet, rosy, unteathered cheek.  Since her G tube placement (tube inserted directly into her tummy), she… Read more »