Month: October 2011

She’s cleftless.

Everything went well with Tiny’s cleft repair surgery, and she’s right on track for recovery. I’m so glad it’s over–at least that part of her journey.  It was much harder than I ever imagined–the 18 hours post surgery were some of the hardest of my life. She was in so much pain, and I was… Read more »

Surgery Round Two: the Biggy

So it’s been a while since I’ve given you the deets on my sweet Tiny. It would be impossible to sum up the last couple months, but I will say that it’s been a complete roller-coaster. Good weeks/days, bad weeds/days, hopeful moments, really dark moments… my emotions have fluxuated just as much as her health…. Read more »

The Flower Press

I have a thing for dried foliage, and that’s a fact. In college I took a children’s lit class where I found this book, and I made several really intricate dried-leaf animals that I gifted for Christmas that year (are those still floating around??) When I lived in Argentina, I dried street flowers from every city I lived in,… Read more »

Twenty-nine, and one day.

tiny art_tribe is willin'

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also six years from the first time I kissed Allan. To celebrate those two very notable events (my birth and that kiss), we took a nap, made killer hamburgers, ate this cake (which is every bit as ethereal as it looks), played cards, and all with some of my… Read more »

Sewing for Your(larger)self

Now, I’m not itchin’ to talk about my weight, but rather to discuss a sort of crappy part of having babies and really just being a woman: sewing for yourself even when you’re in your personal “fat stage.” I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week since Tiny was six weeks old. I’m training for… Read more »

The Prison Stripes Dress

Do you ever start sewing with one look in mind, and end up with something completely different? Like a project that just keeps evolving, and you just sort of roll with it and hope it turns out decent? That was this dress. I actually intended to make this long, flowy,  maxi shirt-dress, but I don’t… Read more »

a bit of advice…

mad mim last minutes family photo sewing

If you want to take a few pictures of your family, don’t sew/alter/dye half the outfits for your family photo the day/night/minute before the photo shoot, unless you like  squalor and mayhem to explode within your home, and don’t particularly value marital peace and harmony. I KNOW I’m not the only last-minute sewist out there. What’s… Read more »