Month: September 2011

Sewing for the Girl: a Twirly Refasion

I think it had a whimsical field-mouse picnic on it.  Something lovely with red, ripe, strawberries, and friendly vermin–probably sisters to Jaque and Gus-Gus. It was silky soft like cold butter, and had delightful twirl-factor.  My ginny gown. It was living room tea parties, and reading with my sisters by flashlight, and tripping through the wet… Read more »

Tissue Paper Cards

With everything that’s been going down with Tiny, we’ve been on the receiving end of some incredible generosity. It’s so comforting and inspiring to see the good in people, and we’ve been so grateful to receive the fruits of that goodness. As a result I’ve found myself in need of cards to send a thank… Read more »

Poof! She sews!

Her first sewing project. Precious. My four-year-old asked me for a sewing lesson yesterday, and we decided to make her doll Scout a shirt (I made Scout for her a couple Christmas’ ago).  I showed her how to do a running stitch and she took it from there. What an amazing child. When she was… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: The Ikat Tea Set

This project has been on my back burner for literally years.  I asked for a plain white plate set for Christmas I think 4 years ago, with the genius idea of  decorating them myself (at the time I hadn’t seen this done before, and it felt like a super original and awesome idea).   But… Read more »

Meet Burnsy

mad mim new serger

Here she is. I still can’t believe she’s mine. I love how someone wrote Do NOT lift pressure foot!!  with permanent marker smack dad on the front. That’s pretty funny, because who knew sewing machine had pressure feet? She was virtually unused in her first home (I guess she was for a home-ec class that never… Read more »

Serger + Surgery

Sergery=surgery + serger. Let me explain. Tiny had surgery on Tuesday! This was for her Larygomalacia, and so far she seems to be breathing much better. It’s such a comfort to NOT hear her wheeze and gasp ALL the time. She’s still sounds striderous when she’s crying, but on the whole, I think the surgery… Read more »

Game Day Tee

I’m married to a very sensitive and emotional man. He doesn’t cry during movies or anything, nor have I ever seen him shed a tear during church. He was very composed when our children were born, and I’m told that he was dry as a bone when he said goodbye to his family at the… Read more »