Month: August 2011

A good, long day

What an utterly exhausting day today was. We spent all day up at Primary’s doing first a swallow study (she passed!), and then met with the cleft team to try and figure out what is going on.  It was an interesting experience.  We first met with the plastic surgeon and then the geneticist and they… Read more »

Knock it Off! Fossil Cosmetic Wedge

mad mim makeup tote_12

It’s about time I got a tutorial up in this hood. No seriously, I made this ages ago, but was just saving it to bust out on a rainy day. I love it when I think ahead. I’ve long needed to replace my nasty t00-small makeup tote. It had held one too many shattered eye… Read more »

A sweater to make my heart sing

My wonderful mother in law Margaret knitted this sweet sweet little coral sweater and hat for Tiny. Oh, how I love it! Like every really great knitting project, it makes me want to relearn the aggravating art. (Sorry I don’t have the pattern/yarn details!) I think it will fit perfectly this winter, and I imagine she’ll look stunning…. Read more »

The Hair Hormone

mad mim hair deliberations

Although unresesarched, I am nevertheless positive of the existence of a certain hormone that is greatly affected by childbirth. It, among all it’s other little hormone pals, is thrown hopelessly out of whack post-partum. I’ll unofficially name it the Hair Hormone. It’s that hormone that makes you itch for change–makes you scramble desperately for anything that… Read more »

A smile and some earrings

mad mim_original earring design_framed diagnal earrings

Baby Girl Tribe smiled at me this morning!! Twice! Considering all the possibilities we’ve been told, I was really anticipating that smile. And it was worth it! Her amazing little dimples just popped right out, and my heart exploded.  It was a huge pick-me-up because since Monday I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged because we found… Read more »

A Special Dress for Her

Things are going well, all things considered. We’ve been home from the hospital since Thursday, and Tiny has improved a lot in color and tone (she gained almost a pound in the hospital–mostly fluids).  Her feeding tube is hooked to an IV pole with a pump that she is being continuously fed through. This is… Read more »

some words on us…

I thought today I’d take advantage of some quiet time to update you about some of the things that have been going on with my little family. In general Madmim has been just a creative outlet for me, and for the most part I’ve kept church and state separate so to speak, and kept my… Read more »