Month: July 2011

The Pioneer Maxi Skirt

I’m proud to go back to my pioneer roots with this skirt. I’m beginning to think they had it right back then, because long skirts are the bomb (minus all those pettycoats). \   I used a grey tshirt fabric that I have loads of (want some?), and dyed it sea foam green and then… Read more »

Martha the Moth puppet

mad mim martha moth puppet

As I was trying to tidy up the squalor that is my kid’s room today, I came across a puppet that I made years ago back when I worked at Springville Library doing story time. It’s for the book Martha Moth Makes Socks by Cambria Evans, and it’s about a hungry moth who, when preparing for a… Read more »

Transitions Maxi Skirt

Let’s talk about my weight. I gained 30 lbs in my pregnancy–very typical for me. You know how much I’ve lost since delivery? 10 lbs. TEN POUNDS!!! Remember how my baby weighed 8 lb 10 oz???? So basically, I’ve lost one and half pounds. How is that possible you ask? Aren’t you supposed to lose… Read more »

Tuesday Trivia

The reigning reason why I loathe (and almost always says no to) alteration work is because a) it’s about as engaging as that semester I spent trying to stay awake during World Civ. b) i can’t justify charging an hourly rate when it takes me WAY longer than it should because I’m slow and a… Read more »

my dream summer (what’s left of it)

Now this is going to seem pretty lofty and maybe a tad unrealistic considering my current status as a new mama of three, and I agree. But I’ve been working on this list for a while, and it serves as an idea reserve for me–something I can pull out like a pistol in defense of… Read more »

scheming the perfect maxi skirt

gathered front with pockets maxi from Adam

I’ve got quite a few sewing projects piling up on my horizon, and sitting on top is the perfect maxi skirt. A long maxi skirt is just everything I want my summer to be: comfy, casual and cool. Here’s my inspiration from around the web: Gathered front with pockets from Adam Gored maxi from Anthropologie… Read more »

easy batik + ombre leg warmers

mad mim _batik diaper clothes, ombre leg warmers

Last weekend my kiddies (minus the baby of course) had the time of their lives camping and “running wild” at a family reunion in Idaho. They went with my in-laws and “ate all the treats they wanted!!!” Being especially batty emotional right now, I sort of balled the entire first day they were gone, but… Read more »

Happy News

Yesterday was a good day. First of all, I discovered to my delight, that this top is a fantastic post-baby shirt. I’ve got a mean beach-ball-uterus-gut, and it was a relief to find something that didn’t highlight the fact that I still look 5 months pregnant. We had our appointment with Primary Children’s hospital, and… Read more »

happy to be independent…less

Sometimes you forget that as a mother of a newborn your leash is pretty short. Your independence instantly becomes very limited as your life is suddenly chopped into 3 hour increments, and everything from showering to grocery shopping becomes a race against the clock. We celebrated a very quiet Fourth today. No fireworks, no patriotic… Read more »