Month: June 2011

Tiny Tribe

It’s been quite a week for us, and I’m sorry I haven’t had a single moment to update you on our new little sweetheart. Tiny June Tribe joined our little family, weighing 8 lbs 10 oz, after an hour and half of labor. Yep, you read that right. An HOUR AND A HALF. When she… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: a tiny refashion

mad mim sewing_tiny refashion_after

I tossed over half of my baby-girl clothing that I had stashed in the garage from my first daughter. Why? Because I had too much. And because apparently when I packed them away I was hypnotized into thinking I would someday be so desperate for clothing that I would be grateful for anything. Do you… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: the Moses Basket

So, where is my baby going to sleep? A question that plagued me for the first few months of pregnancy. You see I borrowed a bassinet from my friend for my first two babies, but since we are planning on moving pretty soon after Numera Tres arrives, I thought we should probably get something of… Read more »

Ombre: so cool it’s fading.

I mean that literally. I love the dreaminess of vibrant color melting into white. It’s definitely a trend I’m band-wagoning as I seem to be come back to it again and again on Pinterest. image source image source image source image source So remember these curtains I made a while ago? Well, I’ve been thinking about… Read more »

Her Purply Petal Princess Dress

Good for dancing, Gardening, and general princess-playing.  Pattern: Simplicity 2569 Alterations: I changed the zipper from back to side, and HALFED the amount of fabric for the skirt’s tiers (it called for tulle, and I used organza). Regal, right?

Trash to Treasure: Carseat Recover

So here’s the carseat I wrote about yesterday. My friend let me borrow her camera to take these shots, but sadly I don’t have a better Before shot. But it was in pieces like this when I thought I was going to have a baby on Thursday night–can you see why I was stressing? Now… Read more »

Still With

So did my week long blog-breather make any of you think I had my baby? Nope, I didn’t. I’m still with child. But what I am without, is a camera. Last Saturday it vanished–we think from our car. I don’t know whether it’s added pregnancy hormones pumping through my veins or what, but every time I… Read more »

Knock it Off! Crewcuts Bow Shoulder Tank Suit

Oh, my goodness I’m tired. It’s almost like it’s really late, and I’m really pregnant. Weird. So here’s the sweet little swimsuit I mentioned the other day. It came together so quickly! Really peeps, swimsuit sewing isn’t NEAR as frightening as you think. Well, at least I haven’t met with disaster yet, and I really… Read more »