Month: May 2011

Knock it Off! Anthropologie’s Vaqunnon Earrings

So speaking of earrings, let’s talk about my pregnancy retardation, bless my heart. I mentioned the other day that I was sewing a swimsuit for my little girlie. Well, I was working on it last night, and it was rolling along like a tumbleweed.  I was having a lot of fun actually, with thoughts of… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: The Ruched Maternity Tshirt

Awhile back Megan Nielsen over at DIYmaternity asked me to try out her new Ruched Maternity Tshirt pattern, and of course I was thrilled to–I just needed to find a good knit! Lately I’ve been bummed by the lack of good knits around  here. Basically there’s either TwinkleAnn’s or Hancock’s. TwinkleAnn’s selection is pretty bad… Read more »

A Sewing Tip: Washer Pattern Weights

Isn’t tracing/cutting out your patterns/fabric such a drag? I dread that part of sewing. It’s so tedious, and unsatisfying. A lot of you probably don’t sew with patterns because its such a downer to cut them out–I know I have had several friends/students who are of that frame of mind. Well, I’ll tell you. I’m… Read more »

Knock it Off! Anthropologie’s Hue Pyramid Earrings

These Anthropologie Hue Pyramid earrings are the reason I made paper beads in the first place. They were so fab that they motivated me to learn the bead-making skill.  They’re definitely bold statement earrings, and I sometimes feel a little conspicuous like “hey! everyone! I’m wearing really big and colorful earrings!” But luckily it’s nothing a little pep-talk can’ fix: Work these… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly over at Yours, Mine, and Ours

mad mim refashion: the adobe shkirt

Cute Meredith (like ridiculously cute Meredith), over at Yours, Mine and Ours asked me to guest blog a refashion for her Re-Work Week series, and I naturally did something that would fit my 7 1/2 month belly. Head on over today to check out a button-up shirt magically turn into a pocketed skirt or shkirt,… Read more »

The Paper Sunrise Necklace

madmim jewelry_paper sunrise necklace

For a girl who has never worn a lot jewelry, I sure can’t get enough of it now. Or at least making it. I confess I’ve only wore my flower bib-statement necklace once. But jewelry is just a real blast to make, and I’ve already justified the almost 2 hours I spent  making this necklace… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: simple yet very useful alterations

I call this the Moqui Tee Refashion. It’s not a true refashion, but it has some simple yet very useful alterations: Side-ruching and bringing in and up a neckline. I’m sure there’s probably a million side-ruching tutorials out there (I haven’t looked), but I think it’s worth adding or sharing the few little tricks that… Read more »

Paper Bead Tutorial

One time I was seriously considering buying a pair of sandals because they were offering a free bonus paper bead necklace.  I really liked the sandals, but I loved the paper bead necklace. Fast forward to my present phase of jewelry-making. I’ve been haunting Anthropologie’s jewelry page to get ideas for jewelry to make. I… Read more »

To a creative Mother.

I grew up hearing her tell people she wasn’t creative. With all the affection in my heart, I say, What a load of rubbish!  Creativity blossoms in so many different shapes and forms that to say you’re not creative because you don’t sew easter dresses or make your kids spectacular birthday cakes is selling yourself short… Read more »

The Fly-Fisher Earrings

Mad Mim jewelry_the Fly-Fisher Earring

When my mother-in-law very benevolently let me raid her stash of old craft supplies, I asked her about these pretty spotted feathers.  She said she thought they were  from my father-in-law’s assortment of fly-fishing feathers, and had just been mistakingly stuffed with the tracing paper and glitter. They’ve served me well on several different projects,… Read more »

Knock it Off: The Shag Pillow

Now, this isn’t a true knock off, because it isn’t something you can buy in the store. BUT, I did make my own version of this really awesome tutorial, and I was inspired by Urban Outfitter’s Rag Shag Rug. My version is pretty bold, I’ll admit, but I like it. I just used all the… Read more »

A Recipe: Mango Frozen Yogurt

Mad mim mango Frozen yogurt

When I reached for the .89 cent mango today and felt that it was soft, ripe, and fragrant, my heart rejoiced. I love frozen yogurt. It’s kind of a big part of my life. We go way back too. In highschool it was Maverick’s soft serve fro-yo machines that rocked my sweet tooth, and in… Read more »