Month: April 2011

Trash to Treasure: The Midas Flower Mirror

I always feel a little twinge of guilt calling the Before “trash”, because let’s be honest–these bronze beauties probably rocked someone’s hallway for like twenty years. But at some sad point they made their way to the thrift store where I found them. At first I thought they would be pretty cool with just a… Read more »

The Beaded-Leaf Danglers

mad mim jewelry making_the "britney" beaded leaf danglers

Hey hey! This is my 101 post! Speaking of that, I’ve been dabbling in jewelry making lately. Since I pierced my ears, I’ve had SO much fun finding fun earrings, and my very favorites are the dangly ones. Since more often than not my hair ends up in a bun or pony-tail, I always feel… Read more »

Sewing for the Girl: The Hopper and Twirler

My girlie ┬áscored a two-for-one this Easter. As always I showed her the pattern I wanted to make (remember my vision?), and asked her what view she wanted as well as color choice etc. She wanted the jumper in pink. Done. The next morning she brought the pattern to me and asked “What dress are… Read more »

Sewing for the Boy: The Dapper Easter Suit

I SWEAR I’m not biased when I say I think I must have the cutest little man in the world. I CANNOT get over how handsome he looks in his little Easter suit. Ahhhhh!!! Be still my heart! This suit is the first edition of my vision, and it took me like a month to… Read more »

Silk Tie Eggs

I’ve never been much into holiday decorating, and I’m not sure why. I think mainly it’s because interior design for me has always been a very slow and gradual process (it’s taken me YEARS to decorate my home in way I’m happy about), and so I just can’t keep up with the ever changing seasons… Read more »

Her First Prom

My little sister Sariah asked me to make her prom dress this year. Although she didn’t have specifics in mind, she was sure that she wanted something very classic, with a fitted 50’s waist-line and skirt. Something sweet, something simple. We decided to use this pattern for the top, and then add a waistline and… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: The Airport Maxi Dress + tutorial

So the night before we left for Austin last week I decided I needed (wanted) a comfy maxi dress for traveling the next day. Earlier that day I had been to Target and also looked through the latest Urban Outfitters catalog. I saw a maternity dress at Target with this simple draw string waistline that… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: the kid’s foam chairs

Dora has been a part of my living room decor long enough. We bought this small kid’s foam chair for our girlie a couple Christmas’ ago, and it’s been passionately loved and battled over by my two kiddos ever since. When my upstairs neighbor offered me a second chair suffering from a broken zipper, I… Read more »