Month: February 2011

Sewing for a Belly: Sea Stripes Sweater

Seastripe sweater history: A few weeks ago Lauren emailed me about a super cute maternity dress she’d made using some of my t-shirt tutorials (isn’t it fab?) In the same post she mentioned Miranda and how she was sewing much of her maternity wardrobe. I of course had to check that out, and upon visiting… Read more »

Knock it Off! The Orimono Pillow

mad mim knock off_ the anthropologie Orimono Pillow

I kind of cringe when people tell me I’m creative, because deep down I don’t feel I am a truly creative person. Crafty, yes. But creative? I wish. To me, legit creativity is pretty rare, and most of us–me included–are just pretty good copycats. I have to really stretch my brain to come up with… Read more »

Sewing for the Belly: Poetry and Motion Tunic

mad mim maternity sewing_poetry in motion

I’m beginning to think my new maternity wardrobe is get more sizable than my normal one. I’m just banking that a lot of these pieces will work without a belly as well….? This top is another from Twinkle Sews, and it’s my favorite that I’ve made so far. The fabric is silky soft cotton knit… Read more »

Sewing for the Girl: Feliz Party Dress

mad mim_feliz party dress

I was feeling so nostalgic bordering on emotional today. We found out this morning that we’re having another girl. Isn’t that exciting!?!? I’ve always been wrong guessing the genders of my babies (0 for 3 now!!), but I’ll admit I was happy to discover I have a sweet little girl kicking around my womb  (not that… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: Filigree Apogee Top

Mad Mim maternity clothing sewing_Filigree Apogee Top

As bemoaned about in the last post, my sewing machine was in the shop getting serviced. As much as I missed it, it really freed up my evenings to do two things in particular that I’ve been wanting to for SOME time: read my brother’s new novel (which was very good), and design a new theme… Read more »