Month: January 2011

Sewing for a Belly: Masculin et Feminin skirt

Mad Mim Maternity clothing_masculin et faminin pencil skirt with belly band

This skirt is sorta the Masculin et Feminin skirt from Twinkle Sews, but mostly just kinda that skirt. The original design is is a pencil skirt with a low yoke waistband. The low yoke waistband was really was what I was interested in though, and that’s why I chose to adapt it for maternity wear. Really I… Read more »

(felt) Pizza, anyone?

mad mim felt food_ pizza

I figured today, as I was picking up little olives and onions from behind the couch, that I should probably photograph (for my posterity’s sake) this felt pizza before it, and all it’s many pieces, go all the way of the earth aka vacuumed up or something. This was my most time-consuming Christmas gift this year–so many… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: The Mariposa Dress

Mad Mim maternity sewing_the Mariposa dress from Handmade Beginnings

Do you ever start sewing, and then you just can’t make yourself quit?? I do that frequently. I get on a roll, and I just keep on setting mental ending-points like “I’ll just put this sleeve in and then quit.” But then you finish that sleeve, and it bugs you to have one done and one… Read more »

Sewing for a Belly: Dark Secrets Blouse

Mad Mim Maternity: Dark Secret Blouse from Twinkle Sews

The Dark Secret Blouse is the first of many from Twinkle Sews by Wenlen Chia. I have a lot of great things to say about this book; I also have a lot of really scathing things to say about it–love/hate relationship, for sure.  The designs are fabulous–many of which you wouldn’t be surprised to see… Read more »

The Budget Chevron Stripe Quilt

Mad Mim chevron striped throw quilt

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m no quilter. But the trouble is I like the warmth and folksy feeling a quilt can bring into a space. Makes me feel all…homey on the range.  And I think the art of quilting can be really beautiful too. And I love when quilts are… Read more »