Year: 2011

A few words, and Merry Christmas!

Last week was a really difficult one for our family, and life has been pretty stressful since then. Last time I blogged I mentioned that Tiny was about to have a surgery putting a G tube (for feeding) directly into her tummy, so we could eventually phase out her nasal feeding tube. The surgery went… Read more »

My Folksy Tree

So although I’ve posted all these ornament projects, I actually wasn’t planning on photographing my whole tree, because I’ve tried before and failed sadly–my dark basement living room makes for pretty regrettable pictures (I take all my photos in my kid’s room, which is the lightest room in the house).  But several of you have… Read more »

Holiday Hoopla: the Crocheted Baubles

mad mim christmas_crochet baubles_3

Another Pinterest find, these crocheted baubles were quick work after the meticulous (yet fun) details of the Matryoshka doll ornaments.  And they revived my appreciation for crochet (more of that appreciation to come!) I LOVE the way they look on my tree, and I wish I had six more. (the glass balls I bought at… Read more »

Holiday Hoopla: Nesting Doll Ornaments

This is how I spent my Thanksgiving break: embroidering tiny little faces onto tiny little fat bodies. What a riot. I love these little ladies! If you haven’t noticed, I like  the really colorful, folksy, whimsical look for my Christmas tree. The less like a department store the better (shudder).  My inspiration for these honeys… Read more »

Holiday Hoopla: Crystal Name Ornaments (with Borax!)

Some of you may have noticed my ornament rampage through Pinterest a couple weeks ago. I was looking to amp up my sad ornament collection with some new faces this year. I had a vision when I saw Martha’s borax crystal snowflake ornaments, and wanted to experiment with that technique.  I followed their instructions with a… Read more »

Holiday Hoopla: The (styrofoam) Cranberry Garland

As I rushed through the dollar store on Thursday night looking for some clothes pins, I spied these pretty bright decorative container-fillers, and grabbed them because of their beautiful arresting color–a deep wine with purple and pink undertones. I loved the variance in color; they reminded me of cranberries, which look so gorgeous strung up… Read more »

Em’s Family Portrait

mad mim_watercolored family portrait

Lately I’ve been trying to develop my artistic talents. I’ve never had any sort of training (someday!), but I know that I really enjoy painting, drawing etc., and that it’s incredibly therapeutic (even more so than my beloved sewing).   I need all the free therapy I can get right now, as things continue to be difficult… Read more »

Dressing (and sewing) my truth.

Lately I’ve been bugged by my lack of defined style.  I’m not talking about trends or currentness, but rather distinct, developed, unique, style. It’s become more apparent lately, as I’ve been building my boards on Pinterest. I would look at my original style board (now deleted), and was really bugged that it was so willy… Read more »


Right now I’m participating in one of the nerdiest events I’ve ever even hoped to be a part of. I can hardly contain my excitement.  My hub and I are at the Mistborn The Alloy of Law new release party. To either side of me are die-hard junkies trying to think of all the great… Read more »

Jolly Holiday

Last week was a doozy round here.  Besides being up at Primary Children’s Hospital three different times for Tiny (two appointmentments and then the ER when she pulled out her tube again), I was sewing every spare second to finish costumes (umm, why I make myself crazy for Halloween?!). On Saturday I ran the Halloween half marathon with my… Read more »

She’s cleftless.

Everything went well with Tiny’s cleft repair surgery, and she’s right on track for recovery. I’m so glad it’s over–at least that part of her journey.  It was much harder than I ever imagined–the 18 hours post surgery were some of the hardest of my life. She was in so much pain, and I was… Read more »