Month: December 2010

A Sneaky Peeky: my girl’s pea coat

Mad Mim sneak peek child's pea coat

I never could understand those kids who peeked at their presents before Christmas, because around my house we had to go to great lengths to avoid seeing them pre-Christmas morn, and we all exercised enormous self-discipline stepping around and closing our eyes to the explosion of shopping bags spewing from my mom’s closet. ¬†For some… Read more »

Christmas Stockings to Cheer

Mad Mim Christmas stockings

Opening my Christmas bin this year was a lot like opening my fridge-precleaning/shopping. It was packed sardine-tight, but after much rooting around, I came up fairly empty handed and disappointed. Nothing much to tempt me, that’s for sure. My ornaments are getting kinda hashed, and some of them are just straight-up ghetto. Like we’re-hopelessly-poor-so-I’ll-make-some-ornaments-out-of-an-apple and… Read more »