Month: November 2010

From Mom to Me: a special refashion

mad mim clothing refashion: mom's dress

If there’s one dress of my mother’s that stands out in my mind during my childhood, it’s this one. I remember that when she wore it on the occasional Sunday I thought two things: Wow. She looks beautiful. And I was proud she was my mom. The second thought was: I’ll bet my dad thinks… Read more »

Fabric Flower Ebook Preview

mad mim fabric flower ebook preview

Doesn’t it kind of bug you when people say, “sorry I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, because I’ve been working on this really awesome and all-consuming ¬†project, that I can’t tell you about.” I do. First of all, that just bugs to be left hanging like that. Second of all, come… Read more »

Late not Lame: a slightly tardy Halloween post

Mad Mim Alice in Wonderland costume

Did anybody notice how my previous post has a tag that says “LAME”. Like, click here for other lame posts. Perfect. Just another thing to fix… I have on and off years for Halloween. Some years I go all-out, and others I just can’t be bothered. Well, this year was an off year, definitely, except… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: My Kitchen Chairs

mad mim before and after kitchen chairs

Tonight as I was bemoaning the fact that I STILL don’t have decent photos of my awesome Halloween costume, and am going to have to write a TARDY Halloween post (LAME!), I remembered that I have something to show you that I kinda forgot about! It’s the perfect thing to pull me out of this… Read more »