Month: September 2010

Black Circle-Ruffle Cardigan

Mad Mim Circle Cardigan Front

I’m ashamed to admit how much fabric I wasted making this cardigan. So much I’m too embarrassed to confess. Good thing it was only a $1 a yard, or it would truly be a tragedy. I saw something similar somewhere, took a mental picture of it, and then recreated it from memory. Problem was, I… Read more »

Why, it’s a HollyHock person!

madmim hollyhock dolls

After lugging a heaping boxful of fragrant grapes back to the car, I went back for another box piled high with squash, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. Amazingly, my Grandma just kept on finding another place to tuck another pepper onto the teetering pile. So when she exclaimed “Oh! And one more thing!”, I was sure… Read more »

The Ruffle Bustle T-shirt Dress Tutorial

Everyone loves getting a good deal. It just feels good– like man-nothing-can-spoil-this-day-because-I-just-got-a-screaming-deal-Good.  Of those who love to save a buck, I’m of the recreate-for-cheap variety. That’s why I love sewing, because it opens up a world of opportunity in the vast sea of fashion I can’t afford. I  shop for ideas everywhere I go, and… Read more »

DIY: Recovering a Mouse Pad

mouse pad: recovering a mouse pad DIY project

It’s amazing how long we can put up with a crappy mouse pad. It cracks, peels, stinks, fades, whatever—and it will still take us months (years)  to replace it. Why? Because let’s be honest: it’s never that big a deal, that bad, that inconvenient, that gross. It takes a lot for us to jump it… Read more »