Month: August 2010

Look who I found at D.I.!!!

mad mim thrift store dress form

Mona the dress form!! She was just waiting for me over in the Collectibles corner. She’s vintage, but very sturdy  just like me. And adjustible! In like 16 different areas! Isn’t she sexy?

Hand Printing Canvas Totes

mad mim hand printed chevron striped canvas tote

I found myself in great need of totes this summer. I needed one to take with me to church. I really needed one that could safely and properly contain the 2029 books we check out from the library every couple weeks. I needed one that would fit all our ridiculous swim junk .  So a few months ago… Read more »

Nautical Elastic Waist Skirt

Mad Mim elastic waist skirt

I joined the summer-skirt-bandwagon, and made one of these  pretties. It’s fun. Comfy. Has pockets. It fits the summer skirt bill. I used Susan’s Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorial, and I liked it. A lot. I got this crazy nautical-ISH fabric at Twinkleann’s, surprisingly, in the red-tag section.  I’ve been meaning to whip up some more, but… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: The Muumuu

Refashioning a muumuu AFTER

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Melissa from IS-LY, who really knows what it means to breathe new life into the hopelessly unwearable, I had vision when I saw this colorful muumuu at DI. I straight up confess that I considered buying this as-is because my heart yearns for a long nightgown. But I’m… Read more »