Month: March 2010

Masking Tape Headboard

So, people have been pretty sneaky with masking tape lately. I’ve seen masking tape wallpaper, and wall art (the last picture in the sneak peek. I’m not sure if this is masking tape, but it looks like it to me. It could be wall decal). So the other day  my daughter and I checked out… Read more »

The Whole Happy Fabric Flower Tutorial Family + Fabric Flower eBook

All the various fabric flowers together

Hello! I’m glad that you found my little wealth of fabric flower tutorials (scroll down to see them)! This post has by far been my most popular post since starting this blog, and I’m thrilled with all the positive comments and projects that have come about from these tutorials. So thrilled in fact, that I’ve… Read more »

The Fabric Daisy

The Fabric Daisy step 6

The Fabric Daisy. I’m really not personally the hugest fan of this fabric flower, but it’s trendy right now, and once I figured it out, I thought I might as well throw up a tutorial for it. Begin by cutting 5 squares from your fabric. Mine were about 2″ square. Fold in half, and then… Read more »

The Burnt Petals Flower

The Burnt Petal Flower final

The Burnt Petals Flower Start by cutting your petals. The shape isn’t that important, because once you burn the edges they sort of round themselves out.  Burn the edges of each petal with your trusty hand-held fire starter (or your neighbor’s). Start attaching the petals with matching thread, ONE or TWO at a time, securing… Read more »

The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower

The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower final

The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower Cut out oval-shaped petals in descending size. Cut 2 of the larger ones. I have 11 total here. Burn the edges of each of your petals. Nest the petals on top of each starting with the first 2 largest petals. Arrange them in an X, and then take the second… Read more »

The Burnt Edges Circle Flower

Burnt Edges Circle Fabric Flower final step 5

The Burnt Edges Circle Flower Cut out circles from your fabric in descending size. I cut out 7. Find yourself a hand-held fire starter. (Thanks Felisha!) Burn the edges of each circle Nest each circle within each other, starting with the largest, and topping it off with the smallest. *Note: I ended up using only… Read more »

The Rolled Bud Flower

Rolled Bud Fabric Flower

The Rolled Bud Flower. Like always, start with a long strip of fabric. This one is probably 1″ by 24″. Fold the fabric in half hot-dog style, and start rolling to form a small bud. Secure that with a stitch through all thicknesses. Keep rolling until you’ve rolled the entire strip up. Secure the end… Read more »

The Gathered Folded Edge Flower

The Gathered Folded Edge Fabric Flower

The Gathered Folded Edge Flower. This little ditty is exactly like the Gathered Raw Edge Flower except, yep-you guessed it, it has a FOLDED edge exposed, rather than a raw edge. You’re very astute today. So of course you’re gonna start with you long strip of fabric. This one is about 1″ by 22″. Then… Read more »

Gathered Raw Edge Flower

Gathered Raw Edge Flower final

So today it’s all about the Gathered Raw Edge Flower. Again, start with a long strip of fabric. This one was about 22 inches by 1 inch. I also put in a strip of tulle for added texture and interest. (Wow. I just realized that it looks like I have glue or water spilled on… Read more »

The Tight Lollypop Twist.

fabric flower tutorial

The Tight Lollypop Twist. Or at least that’s what I’m calling it. I’ll do my BEST to explain this clearly, but don’t be scared if you don’t completely get it–it’s one of those things that you have to try first, and then you’re like “oh yeah, I was born to make these babies.” First, start… Read more »

The Loose Lollypop Flower

The loosely twisted lolly pop fabric flower

So, get ready for a bunch of posts about flowers. It’s going to be a bit of a fabric flower week, I’m afraid. I’m making a necklace with a whole slew of fabric flowers, so I decided to do mini tutorials on each kind of flower I do. I’ll just keep posting ’til I’m done,… Read more »

Montessori Listening Jars Activity

Yesterday I made a new Montessori (Montessodium as A calls it) activity for J. Whenever I make a learning activity for J I want it to be as pretty as it is fun, because I think that visual appeal goes along way for kids–especially in getting them to get the activity off the shelf on… Read more »