Month: February 2010

The Motherboard Frame

Well, at least MY geeky man did. I saw this a while back in a magazine (can’t remember which one), and I knew it would make my true-love’s heart sing. So for Vday I made one.I think it made a great guy-gift. If you have a nerdy man who would like a frame like this… Read more »

Office Chair Reupholster

The Tribe household has been in a tragic chair famine. Just ask my poor sewing students–they’ve suffered more than anyone. I’m ASHAMED to admit that they’ve spent some time on their knees because there wasn’t a free chair. I found this office chair at DI for $8, and this fabric from Ikea for $6 a… Read more »

Dresser Redo

When Allan and I were getting married and trying to scrounge up furniture, we found these two beauties at a massive college apartment furniture sale for $10 a piece. They were probably overpriced. They’re the cheap laminate wood, but they’ve held up surprisingly well. I’ve always hated them, and planned on replacing them ASAP, but… Read more »