Day: January 25, 2010

Reverse Applique Tee

Boring title. Fun shirt. The story on this shirt was that I’ve made approximately a ton of tee shirts, but never documented the process. So this one came out of necessity, but not because I needed a shirt. Because I needed a tutorial. I didn’t have enough of anything at home, so I had to… Read more »

Arm and Waist Band Tutorial

I always like me a good arm or waist band.  They’re are a great way to finish off the edges because it dresses up a shirt just enough to make it feel a little more classy. Arm and waist bands are done exactly the same.  For this tutorial I’ll try to explain both simultaneously. 1…. Read more »

THE basic fitted tee tutorial

FIRST, you’ll need: -1 1/2  yds. of good knit fabric -good fitted T-shirt pattern -matching thread -sewing machine that has an overlock stitch (see photo below) -stretch needle -scissors or rotary cutter and mat *before you start cutting and sewing, it’s important to know, that  the GRAINLINE is SO important when sewing t-shirts! I’ve bought… Read more »

My basic fitted T-shirt Pattern

***Note! I recently simplified and tweaked my tshirt drafting process, and have a new tutorial for drafting a tee from measurements that is a little more user friendly. Both are good methods, though, so check out my new one, and decide from there! Thanks for stopping by, and like always I love to get feedback… Read more »

Tee-Shirt Week

So, I decided that there’s no better way to kick off a new sewing blog than with a big fat week jam-packed full of sewing tutorials, and projects, and fun! Am I right or am I right…….right…….right….. (Ground Hog Day anyone??) So since baby #2, I’ve had to supplement my frump-dog wardrobe  in a major… Read more »