Year: 2010

A Sneaky Peeky: my girl’s pea coat

Mad Mim sneak peek child's pea coat

I never could understand those kids who peeked at their presents before Christmas, because around my house we had to go to great lengths to avoid seeing them pre-Christmas morn, and we all exercised enormous self-discipline stepping around and closing our eyes to the explosion of shopping bags spewing from my mom’s closet.  For some… Read more »

Christmas Stockings to Cheer

Mad Mim Christmas stockings

Opening my Christmas bin this year was a lot like opening my fridge-precleaning/shopping. It was packed sardine-tight, but after much rooting around, I came up fairly empty handed and disappointed. Nothing much to tempt me, that’s for sure. My ornaments are getting kinda hashed, and some of them are just straight-up ghetto. Like we’re-hopelessly-poor-so-I’ll-make-some-ornaments-out-of-an-apple and… Read more »

From Mom to Me: a special refashion

mad mim clothing refashion: mom's dress

If there’s one dress of my mother’s that stands out in my mind during my childhood, it’s this one. I remember that when she wore it on the occasional Sunday I thought two things: Wow. She looks beautiful. And I was proud she was my mom. The second thought was: I’ll bet my dad thinks… Read more »

Fabric Flower Ebook Preview

mad mim fabric flower ebook preview

Doesn’t it kind of bug you when people say, “sorry I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, because I’ve been working on this really awesome and all-consuming  project, that I can’t tell you about.” I do. First of all, that just bugs to be left hanging like that. Second of all, come… Read more »

Late not Lame: a slightly tardy Halloween post

Mad Mim Alice in Wonderland costume

Did anybody notice how my previous post has a tag that says “LAME”. Like, click here for other lame posts. Perfect. Just another thing to fix… I have on and off years for Halloween. Some years I go all-out, and others I just can’t be bothered. Well, this year was an off year, definitely, except… Read more »

Trash to Treasure: My Kitchen Chairs

mad mim before and after kitchen chairs

Tonight as I was bemoaning the fact that I STILL don’t have decent photos of my awesome Halloween costume, and am going to have to write a TARDY Halloween post (LAME!), I remembered that I have something to show you that I kinda forgot about! It’s the perfect thing to pull me out of this… Read more »

DIY Jewelry Chandelier

madmim DIY jewelry chandilier

If you called me a earring-crazed-fool, I wouldn’t call you a liar. Since I took the plunge into the perforated population, I haven’t had a moment’s regret or remorse.  In fact, I’ve taken every moment I can to enjoy my new adornable ears.  I’ve haunted our local farmer’s market, picking up a new pair of… Read more »

Black Circle-Ruffle Cardigan

Mad Mim Circle Cardigan Front

I’m ashamed to admit how much fabric I wasted making this cardigan. So much I’m too embarrassed to confess. Good thing it was only a $1 a yard, or it would truly be a tragedy. I saw something similar somewhere, took a mental picture of it, and then recreated it from memory. Problem was, I… Read more »

Why, it’s a HollyHock person!

madmim hollyhock dolls

After lugging a heaping boxful of fragrant grapes back to the car, I went back for another box piled high with squash, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. Amazingly, my Grandma just kept on finding another place to tuck another pepper onto the teetering pile. So when she exclaimed “Oh! And one more thing!”, I was sure… Read more »

The Ruffle Bustle T-shirt Dress Tutorial

Everyone loves getting a good deal. It just feels good– like man-nothing-can-spoil-this-day-because-I-just-got-a-screaming-deal-Good.  Of those who love to save a buck, I’m of the recreate-for-cheap variety. That’s why I love sewing, because it opens up a world of opportunity in the vast sea of fashion I can’t afford. I  shop for ideas everywhere I go, and… Read more »